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Upload pictures to Instagram from your Mac

#1 Product of the DayMarch 28, 2015
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I predict that this will be shut down in 5, 4, 3, 2....
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Let me first of all clear up any existing discrepancies about the product. Firstly, the app cannot, in theory, be shut down by Instagram–period. I specifically implemented a feature in the requests that the app makes in which each upload request looks as if it's coming from a device (which is unique, and changes every time–this also comforts the spam filters). Thus, if Instagram effectively wanted to shutdown the product, they would have to effectively ban all of the specific device(s) which I mimic entirely. Secondly, I would like to point out that Facebook already found out about the product and they want to pull the plug. Interestingly enough, an engineer contacted me and not a representative of Facebook's legal team. I'm currently working with them to get this matter resolved efficiently. Lastly, as I mentioned below, our app connects to private API endpoints–which is how it performs uploads.
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@zaersk_ What if it gets pulled from the App Store?
@zaersk_ this sounds pretty amazing haha - thinking about buying it- if this stays alive you're going to make A LOT of money (think of all the bloggers who would kill for this)
@chrismessina An engineer contacted me, not the legal team (they also didn't report the app to Apple), so I'm looking at this as a very peculiar, isolated case. However, I'm not dismissing the notion that they will eventually contact Apple. If they do, my hands would be tied (me vs. Facebook). But notwithstanding that, I still have some legal cards up my sleeve that I am willing to pull if it goes to that extent. As of now, I'm hoping to resolve this matter with some higher level people at Facebook.
@zaersk_ Will uploads still work if they kill your client ID and client secret keys?
@kicksopenminds There are no client IDs nor secret keys (it uses a private API). There is no way for Instagram to kill this.
As it isn't allowed by Instragrams API, it can't last long, can it? And as a paid app at $4.99, buyers won't be happy when (/if) it stops working.
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I wonder how (and if) this works because the Instagram API doesn't allow direct posting - there are workarounds like latergram.me but those work on/with iOS extensions
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@bramk I was just thinking this.
@bramk Jip, and I think $5 is too much for a product with a risk of being removed anytime soon
@bramk they may be doing something like http://schedugr.am, who have a pool of devices and a way to automate the process of posting via them.
@bramk Instagram's API allows direct posting–just not the public one. I managed to reverse engineer most of the private API (which for the record, was not _that_ difficult), which is how this app manages to perform upload functionality.
Update: Facebook just responded, but now with an engineering _manager_. They're threatening to get their legal and security departments involved AND blacklisting me from using ANY of their official developer services if I don't pull the app ASAP. So there's nothing left that I can do. I can't afford a blacklist, let alone a legal case.
@zaersk_ open source it