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#5 Product of the DayAugust 16, 2017
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Karl ClementHunter@karlclement · CoVenture | Dignified
You might be building a personal project, startup or another Facebook. To get there faster and check how your ideas work out, you want to use complete and scalable building blocks for different parts of your system. Uploadcare is your block for handling files. From just a couple to millions. With only a few lines of code you get the ability to upload, store, process, cache, and deliver files.
Igor DebaturMaker@igordebatur · Co-founder and CEO of Uploadcare
@karlclement Thanks for the hunt. Uploadcare 3.0 is a major update affecting almost every element of the Uploadcare ecosystem. File uploads — our widget has been completely redesigned and updated to the version 3.x Storage — we support all S3 regions and provide better uploading experience with improved REST API, Secure Uploads, Auto-Copy for custom S3 storage, and updated backup procedures Processing — face recognition, color extraction, image enhancement and processing, GIF to video, and the fastest image resize (https://blog.uploadcare.com/the-...) for x86 out there: on all plans including the free one Delivery — we selected Akamai as our primary content delivery network to get your content to 220k servers in 130 countries real quick Libs & Integrations — our community and the Uploadcare team are constantly adding new libs and integration options (https://uploadcare.com/documenta...) to seamlessly work with your ecosystem
Max Kamenkov@mkamenkov · CEO SplitMetrics.com & SearchAdsHQ.com
We use Uploadcare to handle user generated content from the very beginning of SplitMetrics, it has saved us tons of time, money and focus. Thumbs up!
Igor DebaturMaker@igordebatur · Co-founder and CEO of Uploadcare
@mkamenkov great to have you on board! Our motto is: build ideas, not techs.
Almas Abulkhairov@almasabulkhairov · CEO at Ezzi
Great product, as a founder-level developer (admit it - average :) i struggled with uploads to S3. Sometime later i learned about Uploadcare and decided to try - and was amazed by simplicity of integration, snappy speed, and great support service they provide. Highly recommend to any startup with the need to upload&store media.
Igor DebaturMaker@igordebatur · Co-founder and CEO of Uploadcare
@almasabulkhairov thank you! This is the best motivation for us to move further and to keep building the best file handling API on the market 🔥
Roman Dubinin@roman_dubinin · Front-end lead at http://whitescape.com
Cheers! Have been using uploadcare for years now and since haven't had a headache about image processing, uploads, user avatars and other stuff. Even write an uploadcare-loader for webpack to handle static assets: https://blog.uploadcare.com/supe...
Igor DebaturMaker@igordebatur · Co-founder and CEO of Uploadcare
@roman_dubinin thank you so much! we value our community, there are tons of great things that community helped us to do, and we'll give back! a lot of open-source stuff is scheduled for this and the next year 🙌🏻