Simple file sharing. No registration, size-limit, opensource

upload.express lets you easily share large files to anyone. It is fully customizable and will let you increase your brand awareness. Fully open-source, you can host it on your own servers and modify it to your needs.
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Hello everyone! I’m Maxence Henneron and I’m happy to present you the first product @ksushiva and I built. Upload.express is an open-source file sharing service which helps you to share files with your clients in a personalized experience. With upload.express you can: - Fully customize your upload page; - Add your social accounts; - Statistics about your downloads; - Link your own domain name; - Request files;
@ksushiva @maxencehenneron Look like a great product! Awesome job, both of you! Congrats on the launch 🎉
Is there an option to set an expiry for the paid plans? Would be awesome to have :)
@welvinrc We will definitely add this feature in the future, thank you for the suggestion! 🙏
I tried to upload two files just now and didn't work. They were only 17mb each. Just froze on waiting. Not sure what happened.
@youngfonz I'm sorry you had those issues, do you have uBlock origin installed? Some of our users reported this software blocks one of our domain names, we will contact them to resolve the issue

false hopes are heart breaking X(


didnt look


its described as if it's a free file sharing platform like transfer.sh but it's most certainly not :/

I'm not sure why you said this. The sharing platform is free. Just drop your file and you will be able to share it to anyone. You can even send files from the terminal, just like transfer.sh (see https://dev.to/maxencehenneron/o...). It is also fully open-source meaning if you want to install it on your server, you can. "Pros: didnt look" seems a bit harsh.