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Thank you all guys for supporting us. We're so glad to be here, this is the coupon as a thank you gift for you, "product-hunter". If you have any question, do not hesitate to contact me here or shoot me an email at ceo@uplevo.com.
@dinhkimnguyen whats your biggest difference with other service canva.com?
@deambulando We focus on Logo, Brand design. Our aim is to support business and we hope to bring a convenient tool for customers.
@uplevo @dinhkimnguyen I love this. This is going to give Tailor Brand a run for their money. I love all the customization and freedom.
This is a cool product, we use it since the first beta and completely satisfied. Our logo is also made with uplevo.com ! Great job @dinhkimnguyen !
Seems a bit confusing to use to be honest. Neat idea but it's just not there yet.
@irvingtorresyc Thank you so much, can you give me some advices and send them into my email: ceo@uplevo.com
Good Canva alternative solution. I don't see logo design and branding mockup is good thing to be a killer feature for your service. But maybe it can make different in some ways. Good luck!
Sorry but I think it's pretty stupid that you can't add a brand name that is longer than 16 chars. There are just some names that are longer, why discriminate?
@dominicquentin longer than 16 chars ? that's not a brand I think ;)