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Hello everyone! I'm Amanda Parker, Co-Founder and CEO of Uplette. We built Uplette because mobile advertising has gotten a bad rep as being disruptive and generally irrelevant to consumers. Our clients want to deliver highly personalized mobile content that would actually engage consumers, and consumers want ads that don't suck. We use data to deliver unique and relevant experiences, adding value for consumers and advertisers alike. Ask me any questions, and I'd love to hear your thoughts!
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@uncannymandy neat! how are you guys different from kiip?
@eriktorenberg Kiip uses an SDK to integrate into apps, so it has to be implemented by the app developers. Uplette sits on existing ad tech infrastructure and powers any mobile ad content, at any time, not just for specific moments or triggers.
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I'm really glad to see innovation finally coming to ad creatives. Historically, all of the optimization has happened at the targeting and tracking levels, without enough focus on the actual ads themselves. You can get significant boosts in conversion rates with great creative.
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@sbyrnes Thanks Sean, we completely agree! Creative is not keeping up with targeting, and nobody is focusing on harnessing all the data available to power better user experiences.
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Hey Amanda! I'm interested in using Uplette, and was wondering what kind of results I should expect?
@leejsilverstone Hey Lee, would love to have you on board! Make sure to sign up for our free trial :) Most of our clients see a minimum conversion lift of 3x with some getting as high as 7x. What's better is that you define your conversion metric!
Looks cool! How do you see the format of mobile ads evolving past interstitials / banners / video in the next 12-18 mos?
@eric_seufert Inherently, there is lots of value in ads, if they are relevant. The next wave of ads begins with the personalization of existing formats, and eventually the types of ads will develop to take advantage of personalization. This could take many forms, but we see wearables & iBeacons powering the next generation of ads. Connecting the offline world with online.
Sounds supercool. How are your analytics different from what I get with Google ?
@kishan_guptas Hey Kishan, Uplette provides in-depth analytics on how users performed on your ads and landing pages. We also provide demographic and user behaviour information so you can see who performed on what, where and why with perfect transparency. The advantage of Uplette is that your campaign will also auto optimize based on your chosen conversion metric.