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Eye-catching coming soon pages for multiple purposes

Uplaunch is a landing pages pack that help to engage with your customers. Get our ready-to-use solution to start your project extremely fast and impress your visitors with our smooth animations and premium design πŸ’Ž
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πŸ‘‹ Hey makers! I'm Dima Braven, founder of itmeo. In itmeo we believe that a good preparation makes a good launch. One of the most important pieces of every startup or app launch is engaging with early adopters. Those guys do matter a lot! We are here to help you. Firstly, you need to create an outstanding "coming soon" landing page that will collect visitors' emails. Uplaunch is a tool contains lots of neatly crafted HTML5/CSS3/JS templates with Mailchimp & Zapier integrations. Also, it has a design version with Sketch, Figma & PSD files. The tool is terrifically easy to use by both designers and developers. With our product, you can start your web projects extremely fast to impress your audience⚑️ The valuable things you get with Uplaunch: πŸ’₯ Save time. Launch your best "coming soon" page in 10 minutes! 😎 Lots of ready-to-use templates πŸ’Ž Smooth animations by itmeo πŸ›  Mailchimp & Zapier integrations πŸš€ Incredibly easy to use 😌 Lightweight code πŸŽ‚ ∞ Personal & Commercial Use πŸ›« Free updates for 1 year πŸ“’ Clear documentation This tool that can be used for various purposes: βœ“ Collecting email submissions βœ“ Kickstart your new idea βœ“ If your website is on "under construction" βœ“ For the pre-launch stage βœ“ As a "coming soon" page βœ“ Mailing list As always, ProductHunters are given special discount coupons πŸ’ƒ: LOVEPH30 - 30% off. "Offer is limited to 50 copies". πŸ‘‰ Visit the site to discover examples - http://uplaunch.net/templates
@dimabraven congratulations on the launch!
@fajarsiddiq Thank Fajar. I hope Uplaunch will be useful for makers!
Recently I was looking for "coming soon" templates on ThemeForest, but none of them satisfied me. Yours one of the most premium one πŸ™‚ I'm gonna use it now, thanks!
@nightcoder That's right! I just wanted to make a premium product because the products on themeforest didn't suit me. if you gonna use Uplaunch don't forget our special coupons. There are 43 of them left.
Looks pretty neat! Definitely a useful service! A direction for future development I can suggest to consider is making the pages more interactive / playful / entertaining. Like a rotating 3d phone or some elements reacting to the mouse cursor, some sort of parallax effect etc (something similar to vanta.js interactions). The hypothesis is that such fun little bits might increase the % of users subscribing (being in a bit more uplifted mood).
@yury_nedomolkin Thank you for sharing your ideas. In future updates I planned to release such templates. I'm glad you got the idea that I wanted to increase the conversion with the help of attractive templates.
I am hugely inspired by @dimabraven This maker has that feeling of PERFECT product, that I wish to have. He polishes them until the real perfect state. I trust his products, after WebGradients took my heart. Home page's parallax is sooo neeat, like falling in love. (I will copy the way images are moving to my homepage, if you don't mind ^_^) I have 10 pet projects in a backlog, and I plan to purchase and launch all of them using these templates.
@nel_kamai Sweet words😍. Nelly, thank you! Webgradients in my heart too. Parallax took up a lot of time but it was worth it. If you have any questions about product, feel free to ask me and good luck with your projects!
Do you plan to support XD files?
@lisadziuba Thanks for the question! Yeah, in the future updates for sure. Update is free for 1 year, by the way.