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Hi everyone, I’m the founder of UpLabs. We are a community of designers and developers who curate the best resources for Android, iOS and the Web, every day! If you’re building a site or an app, I’m sure you’ll find some useful resources like inspiration, snippets or actual live examples. The UpLabs community has already curated over 18,000 high quality resources. We have over 50 integrations that allow anyone to showcase content from popular networks like Dribbble, Behance, GitHub but also prototypes from CodePen, FramerJS, InVision and actual live apps and sites. Every day, UpLabs offers 3 showcases: - MaterialUp for Material Design - iOSUp for iOS/OS X - SiteUp for Web design Let me know what you think, I’d love to hear your feedback :)
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@mattaussaguel I have a question on your aggregating technique. I recently posted a material style item on Dribbble.com and it somehow got on your site along with my profile that I did not create. http://www.uplabs.com/posts/fold... came from my dribbble account - https://dribbble.com/shots/25820... (just curious, are you aggregating this content and how can you opt out of being sourced?)
@tayler2412 Hi Tayler, great question! UpLabs doesn't work the same way as Dribbble, nothing is automatically aggregated. The community can share anyone's content as long as the quality is great just like your shot. You can always opt out by emailing us hello@uplabs.com, we'll make sure none of your work will be showcased on the site in the future. But I don't see any downsides to be honest.
MaterialUp is one of the first things I check out every morning before I get to work!
@helloandytran Thanks Andy! I'm a big fan of your work. This contribution is one of my favorite of all time!
@mattaussaguel Thanks! I'll be contributing a lot more this month as I get more free time!
I was being inspired by MaterialUp while I was designing a material android app. It's nice to have a 'Material Design' showcase somewhere.
@orhan_safa Hey Ahmet, glad to hear you found it useful :)
I like the screenshot display layout makes it easy to see what's going on
I'm a huge advocate of UpLabs and have been supporting them since the Material Up Days! Keep it up @mattaussaguel
@b3bold Thanks Alex!