Keep up with often forgotten home and life tasks

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Ryan HooverΒ β€” Founder, Product Hunt
Now if only it only it went to the gym and changed your vehicle oil for you. Version 2.0?

This reminds me of Timeful, a smart calendar that integrates healthful habits into your schedule.
Austin GriggΒ β€” Co-founder and Developer, Kalon Creative
@rrhoover Haha, that sure would be nice if it could do the tasks for you. I think integrating some services like @whale suggested would at least be a step in that direction.
Tori BunteΒ β€” PMM, HPE Storage
I was just thinking this morning about how I always forget to wash my makeup brushes and I wish I had a reminder to do so. I suppose a sticky note above my vanity would work.

Going to try the basic Upkeep features out this week. I rarely spend $4.99 on an in-app purchase, so I definitely need to see if it sticks before I decide to upgrade.

Edit - I'd reconsider locking so many reminders, or reconsider the pricepoint. I got annoyed by how little I could set up without upgrading.
Austin GriggΒ β€” Co-founder and Developer, Kalon Creative
@stttories Thanks for the feedback. We actually just dropped the price to $1.99 for the new year!
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