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PHP powers 78.9% of the websites on the internet but 90% of these are running outdated versions. PHP 5.6 and 7.0 are soon to be discontinued and will not receive future security updates. πŸ”

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Hi Hunters! πŸ‘‹ βš™ PHP 5.6 and 7.0 are soon to reach their end of life status. This means they will no longer receive security updates. PHP powers 78.9% of the websites on the internet but 90% of these are running outdated versions. This is a big problem for security and people are missing out on the amazing performance benefits these newer versions provide ⚑ I made Upgrade your PHP to raise awareness of this and to provide information about upgrading. You can also see which PHP version you're currently running using my tool. 😁 Let me know what you think!
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@daniellockyer nice job! Before I hadn’t seen you could check your PHP version directly on your site
@wimgz Thank you William!
@daniellockyer Hi Daniel, I think your product is helpful. Some thoughts about the look and feel that maybe can help to make clear your point to your users: - On laptop is a lot of text on two columns to digest, maybe one column like on phone would be better. - 1st row on lap, "Outdated versions" and "Current versions" sections in a same row to appreciate the difference. - 2nd row "Why Upgrade?" with highlight on Google ranking algorithm. - 3rd row Your CTA (the shadow is confuse because makes you think is a button, but you have to click the links to your twitter). - 4th row "What version am I running?" My site give me "X-Powered-By header not found" and you show recommendations, maybe is good time to show CTA again to help me ( like I can do it but sell me the idea that you like an expert can do it better than I) - 5th row "How do I upgrade?" you say "Hiring a developer (or me)" but I think is lost, maybe show a CTA again. - 6th "The issues..." these are the issues of doing it alone? I would like to see that you can help me and show a CTA. - The rest of the sections if anyone want to know more. On mobile read better but your first CTA is low on the column. Maybe I'm leaving before I see it. "Share on Twitter Like this? Tweet me" is on first place but i think it distracts. Maybe after read first your points. Is like a second CTA? Good luck!
@anglesivan Thank you for the feedback! I'll take a good look through and see what I can do. β™₯️
Cool - do you have a price range?
@itshogg Hey Jon, feel free to get in contact if you need help upgrading!
Hmm... I will upgrade now.
Hey, Quite True! Thanks for sharing an important information. Nice informative update and I'm looking forward for more good posts like this.