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Hi everyone! Thank you @aliibrahim for posting! I am maker of Upgrade News and Raindrop.io. Feel free to ask me anything about this project. I can answer you about rating system, engine or backend.
@exentrich As a developer, designer and entrepreneurs of myself, I think that it's a great and convenient platform to keep up with the new trending content. I just wonder about where all the source are coming from? Are they coming from social media? Thanks for replying.
From the makers of Raindrop.io, Upgrade News is a place where designers and developers everyday find new content by professional skills from around the web. Articles, tools, apps, tips and guides, everything to stay competitive. Looks interesting!
@ozgrozer @aliibrahim its ok. ProductHunt not allowing to post from company account. So current post could be considered as main
@exentrich @aliibrahim I didn't know about it. Thanks.
Maybe obvious for some people, but it took me — as a dumb user — 20s to catch what is the website purpose. I first thought it was a SaaS landing due to the name and the page layout/design (despite the extension that helped me indeed). Good luck :)
Agreed. @exentrich Your hero unit ('Boost your design and development skills') dominates the top of the page too much and hides the content for first time users who haven't customized the site yet.
Looks great! Good luck guys!
Good job and would be nice to see a new-tab-extension for browsers.