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Also, I didn't know about this before launch, but @connor and I might have to change the name. Apparently there's already a thing called "Up Down" by a company called "T Pain" ;)
h/t @heyreiwang
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@nbashaw Updown - Funk You Up.
Hey PH! Funny backstory for this product: This is actually a remake of the first web-app I ever built. The first one still got some usage, but it was pretty terrible, so I decided to re-do it a couple months ago. Then I never shipped it. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ That didn't sit well with me, so over the past few days @connor and I have cleaned it up, kicked the tires, and finally got around to shipping! I hope you enjoy :)
@nbashaw this is great. light, easy, simple to use and share.
@kunaltandon @nbashaw thank you! glad you like it :) any feedback or questions?
@nbashaw Interesting. I also made a similar app when I was first learning Rails. It's always in the back of my mind to get back to it and make it a proper app, but everyone knows how it usually ends. The app is www.survvit.com for those interested. It's probably a bit buggy. I like your take on it.
Looks great! Nice work guys.
@nbashaw how do you get the poll to work in slack? I setup the command, but all I get is the response from slackbot. Do I need to do something on the web first, then go into slack? slackbot [9:52 AM] Only you can see this message http://updwn.co/-JuMm4b4_qEQWKNJ...
@shaanvp Unfortunately it's really tricky to publish a message to a room publicly in Slack :( To share the poll w/ your team, you'll need to just copy and paste the URL and send it to them