Extension to organize websites easily into shareable folders

A place to store your website links in an organized fashion. Save links for later, or need to keep track of a site? Store sites into folders, or sub-folders keeping your bookmarks safe, and easy to find. Share these folders for easy access and organization.
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Great job!!๐Ÿ˜Š Will check it out! When is this coming Firefox users? Looks promising
@ayush_chandra As soon as I am able. You are my first Firefox request, however I see the benefit of getting the extension available on at many browsers and possible. Thank you for your comment
what does this do that built-in bookmarks cant?
@imogennnmnnnnnn That's a great question. Of Course there are some similarities of bookmarks and updoots. I based updoots off of bookmarks in browsers, so that make sense. Some aspects are the ability to browse what others are saving. You can share entire folders, or just one updoot to others. There will be the ability to upvote others favorites, and add comments etc. tl;dr There are similarities, but there are some social aspects to it that are different.
I am the maker of updoots. The idea of Updoots came a few years ago while I was still in college. I was an avid user of Imgur, and I would upvote, heart, and comment on all sorts of posts on the website. The issue was whenever I wanted to see an upvote, or heart it was very difficult to go back and actually find it. That's when the idea of updoots fist came about. I wanted a place where I could easily save website Urls in an organized fashion and be able to find them conveniently later.