Updatefy 2.0

Transform Google Sheet into embeddable widgets

Use Updatefy to transform any Google Sheet into embeddable widgets using our built-in widgets types or use our custom widget element to create what you need!
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Hey PH! I'm back with a new version of Updatefy! On this past months I introduce a lot of new features: - New gallery widget type - New table widget type - New custom element to create own widgets Together with the new version, we released our blog with interesting content of how to use Updatefy for your project! - Create your own HTML widgets using our new custom element - Create image gallery from Google Sheet - Transform spreadsheet into a ready to embed widget table! Any feedback will be appreciated!
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@gmaxi_ Looks great! The Gallery widget is linking to the table widget btw.
Looks promising and a powerful tool. I'll try to create a poll widget! You can create a gallery with people widgets!
@loverajoel Thank you! Thats a great idea!