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UpContent is a content discovery tool that helps marketers find relevant and engaging content to spark better, more meaningful conversations.

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Hey Product Hunters! I'm Scott, CEO of UpContent. We're so excited to be on Product Hunt, so we left a little treat for you guys here: https://upcontent.com/landing/pr.... Shh, don't tell anyone ;) Finding the content you care about to spark engagement was a soul-sucking task for our team. We spent hours scrolling through search results only to find ourselves picking whatever was close to what we were looking for and rolling with it – NOT IDEAL. As a result, we developed UpContent to bring you the best, most relevant, and engaging content – regardless of how specific your niche is – to take immediate action. Here are some of the highlights: - Get to What Matters: Sort content by unique filters like influence and shareability, in addition to recency and relevance. - Stop Wasting Time: Read full-text content, saving you the time you used to spend waiting for pages to load and closing pop-up ads. - Let Buffer and Hootsuite bring your posts to the world: Take immediate action on news articles and blog posts by posting through Buffer and natively through Hootsuite. - Be a Team Player: Favorite content for later review and collaborate with your team using shared topics and RSS feeds. We're super excited to be making content discovery less soul-sucking, and there's a lot more in the works. We'd love to hear what you think, and if there's anything that'd help make UpContent even better!
Stumbled upon this genius creation on Twitter and wanted to share it with the awesome community of Product Hunters after I noticed by searching that it wasn't showcased on PH yet. As you all know how tedious it is to generate content to share on your social network to keep your users engaged. I ran a test on Up Content and it absolutely amazed me. Thought someone can use this for their benefit here. They also allow integration of Hootsuite and Buffer to schedule your content to post on the best time. They will also help you curate content with their personal assistance. Give them a shot you will appreciate it.
@advocateoz Thanks for Hunting us Oz! We're thrilled that you've been enjoying your UpContent experience! As you can imagine, this week has been an exciting one as we've launched a brand new integration with Hootsuite as a part of their Content Source platform! To follow that up with our Product Hunt debut definitely has the team feeling proud of our work!
@scottarogerson The pleasure was all mine Scott. I am very excited for being one of the users of Up Content and any hootsuite user would be just as excited as I am. It truly is a pain to come up with new topics everyday and startups with small budge can't hire a team; having Up Content is like having your personal team of content writers sitting right next to you, a Brilliant! resource. Keep up the great work and you have got a fan for life!
I've had the pleasure of talking to the team over at UpContent a lot in the past year. They're awesome people working on an awesome product—a super easy way to find great quality content to share out over your social networks. Great job guys!
@jakeapeters Thanks a lot, Jake! We're really lucky to have connected with you and Jarratt from HelpDocs and have appreciated your feedback and support these past few months.
UpContent is super awesome. Great to see it get hunted!
@matsilva No, YOU'RE Awesome Mat! Thanks so much :) We're big fans of your work at RendrFx, too.
Whose idea was it to implement UpContent in Hootsuite? Because your lunch is on me whenever you are ready, it's only a 3 hours drive to VA ;). Seriously though, after exploring all the options of UpContent on Hootsuite I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted from my chest. It literally takes me seconds to share fresh content that is most relevant to my business audience. I used to spend hours searching for content and still never came close to the precise results that UpContent pulls for me. All I had to do is enter a few Boolean searches and BAM! I am ready to schedule or immediately share the content. I was able to create multiple searches and save them for later and when I needed the previous results it was simply a click away. Implementing UpContent to Hootsuite enabled me to filter results, I was able to remove the uninterested content with one click so the similar non-intereteing content won't appear again automatically. I have an option to choose from a blog or news and a combination of both. Time relevance is also very important and having it right there makes everything a piece of cake. The beautiful UX design is very clean and extremely easy to navigate saving me a ton of time and making it easy on my eyes to browser through for a long period of time scheduling a week worth of content in one sitting. Also you can't beat the live support where the knowledgeable staff is standing by to custom curate the content for your need in a lightning fast speed. Thank you Scott, Marissa and Nick for all the support that you have provided me and others to help us make our business more active and social. Love Oz
@advocateoz Wow, Oz! Thanks for the great synopsis. So glad to hear you are enjoying UpContent. Let's get that VA lunch date set. We're a hungry bunch!
@scottarogerson UpContent is such an amazing platform I thought everyone should know all the goodies that comes with it, how it has helped me and what it could for everyone else. Most definitely let me know where would you guys like to eat and I will set up a reservation!