Become a VC during a 2-day challenge. Connect with real VCs.

Hi there! We're opening the registrations to our 1st Event that will take place in Geneva, Switzerland on Feb 2 & 3, 2017. UPComingVC is the first European Challenge that connects aspiring VCs, real VCs and startups. UPComingVC is a 2-day event where students incarnate venture capitalists, invest fake euros in real startups and are judged by real VC professionals during the final demo day where they are expected to deliver investment recommendations (term sheets or none) for each startup they've met. STUDENTS & YOUNG PROFESSIONALS, intending to work in Venture Capital, challenge their skills in conducting business plan analyses, monitoring KPIs, performing startup valuations and leading funding rounds. In random teams, challengers test their due diligence skills, investment decision-making process, deal negotiation aptitudes. They get a chance to showcase their thesis in front of a real audience of Venture Capitalists and connect with investment professionals. UPComingVC mimics the VC investment process, helping students dive into the peculiar world of venture capital. ENTREPRENEURS get deep into how Venture Capital really is. They receive multiple termsheets, perform mock negotiations and deal closings with the finest students. They also connect with top VCs for their potential real fundraising needs. VENTURE CAPITALISTS participate actively as judges / mentors, unlike traditional demo days and make a material impact on challengers and startups. Beyond that, VCs have the opportunity to identify future VC talents, exchange ideas with other VCs and discover early deals.