Upclose 5.0

Broadcast live about things you love. Now on Tumblr.

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Hey guys! I’m super excited to, along with the rest of the Upclose team, introduce two major updates to our platform and the live video apps industry: auto-embed on Tumblr and content categorization. Broadcast live to Tumblr - When thinking about how to get live video where it had never gone before, we though: Tumblr, the final frontier… So we went ahead and focused on giving content creators the opportunity to embed a live video onto their Tumblr blogs. And we’re really stoked to present to you live video on Tumblr! And it's as easy as clicking on one button. Share on Tumblr? YES! Our embedded player is really smart; it adapts to any space you put it in, fully responsive and awesome. And in the case of Tumblr, when you delete a video or make it private on Upclose, we manage the post on Tumblr so that nothing seems broken. You're welcome! Topics - We wanted to start driving the industry towards a more organized way of creating and consuming content, that’s why we are super happy to present Topics on Upclose. A simple and fun way to let your followers and other users know what you’re talking about, but more importantly, discover your videos in their quest for content discovery. So yeah, we’re really pleased about the effort behind this release, it's an amazing team and it's a real game changer having the guys from Betaworks backing us up on our product decisions. I hope you agree with us and enjoy the new version of the app! Also, new releases are now named after pizzas cause it’s what we love, so say hi to Bouncy Bolognese! :) You can access the web version on http://www.upclose.me Also for iOS - http://apple.co/1Bk0QL7 And for Android - http://bit.ly/1oB8Yn5 Ramon
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Looks good guys congratulations!!.
Thanks @dav_macias! We're super excited and love that you guys are too!
Gonna give this a try :)