UpCamp 2.0

Book the dates you want at the best campgrounds

UpCamp helps you discover and reserve your next favorite campsite. Find nearby campsites and check their availability at a glance.

Favorite campground sold out? Popular campgrounds sell out months in advance but reservations are cancelled every day. Watch specific dates to get notified the second they become available.

Over the last few months, Bradley has added thousands of campgrounds from all over the United States. He added map-based search to make it easy to find campgrounds nearby along with a few other bells and whistles. That said, the gamechanging feature is still the ability to watch for availability at campgrounds that are "sold out." Getting a push notification as soon as a campsite became available made 2 of my summer vacations possible!
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Bradley, what are the new features in 2.0?
@ryanstenson when we launched over a year ago we only supported a handful of national parks. Campground reservation info is scattered and buried in many different places so it took some time to integrate them into UpCamp. 2.0 now brings users over 5k campgrounds and over 100k campsites along with powerful text-based search and map-based discovery. We think it's the perfect tool for finding and booking your next campsite! The app has also gone through a substantial design overhaul; making it easier than ever to act upon your watch notifications (because time is everything when snagging cancellations)! Not seeing your favorite campground still, let us know! We're always working on adding more.