Book the dates you want at the best campgrounds

UpCamp helps you book the dates you want at the best campgrounds in America. The best campgrounds sell out months in advance, but reservations are cancelled every day. UpCamp lets you know as soon as this happens.

For the past couple months I've been helping Bradley out with this. We'd both had problems with popular campgrounds being fully booked months in advance. Taking inspiration from Hopper, we built an app to watch the dates you want to camp, and notify you if a campsite becomes available. We're adding more campgrounds soon. If you have any feedback about the app, or any suggestions on campgrounds to add next please let us know!
@kftaylor How do you get data to notify camps are available? From most, you have to call the day of. I 'm going to download this now, San Clemente state beach has a 6 month waiting list so please add it :)
@hunterhart definitely feel your pain! Our experience has been the same - any halfway popular campground is sold out months in advance. We're adding more campgrounds real soon so we'll definitely look into the San Clemente campgrounds. Thanks for the feedback!
@brzeller You got it. I'll leave this on my home screen because to check back.
@hunterhart we just released a new update with more campgrounds. Still no San Clemente SP but there might be others you're interested in!
Love the concept. Wish there were android or web apps so I could try.
@ericmander you bet! And we're working on it as we speak 👍
Can't wait to see this built out. I've been trying to book Parsons Landing on Catalina but due to only having 8 campsites you can imagine how fast this place gets booked up. This would be extremely helpful!
@philboscarino nice, we'll definitely check out Parsons Landing when we roll out more campgrounds soon! Thanks for the feedback!
@philboscarino just added more campgrounds in today's update. Check it out, there might be some that you're interested in!
of course this comes out just when i completed my 2 week road trip. looks awesome!
@michael_mclean oh shucks, next time! Have trouble booking sites on your trip?
@brzeller yes, the national park websites are very fragmented. ill keep your app in mind next time
Great app, excited for you to support more parks. Would prefer not have to check Zion's website every day for Virgin Narrows campsite availability :)
@artia for sure! Zion is in the next update coming real soon!
@artia just updated with Zion. Currently only have Watchman, but looking into getting the narrows next!