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Upcall is the #1 Call Outsourcing Platform. Upcall connects businesses with U.S. call professionals and offers realtime analytics as well as integrations within the client's workflows. Whether its lead generation, lead conversion, surveys, customer feedback, market research.... Upcall can do it all ! Its scalable, cost effective and reliable.

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Hey everyone! I'm Samuel, the co-founder and CEO of Upcall.com! Our goal with Upcall is to disrupt the outbound call industry and give the opportunity for any-sized company to delegate their sales & marketing call tasks, and engage with new prospects or existing customers. Upcall is a collaboration platform where you can build any call campaign in less than 5 minutes (e.g. sales, marketing, retention, welcome message, support, database enrichment, surveys, market research, event alerts…), you simply import your lists (or use our Yellow Page API) and pick your qualified callers (we accept less than 8% of applicants). We provide all the tools needed to make your campaign a success, such as call recording, analytics/call outcome, compliance, integrations with other Apps (Intercom, Zendesk, Slack, Salesforce, Google Apps). Upcall doesn’t require any minimum fees or monthly contract, you pay as you go (per minute) and everything is included. If you want to try us out, feel free to email me at sam@upcall.com, I’m happy to chat. Happy to answer any questions you Product Hunters might have! Samuel
@samuel @upcall Is this best for b2b only, or would consumer marketing make sense / get results?
@kevinyun Hi Kevin, Upcall is primarily geared towards B2B industry as people are more receptive. However, our platform accomodates B2C campaigns as well and we had some clients who had some great results as well. It works amazingly well for campaigns where you have existing relationship with customers, such as loyalty or retention campaigns. Hope this helps!i
Happy to see Upcall on PH! The team at ShearShare used them for 2 call campaigns and we'll use them again. Super simple setup, great array of voices from which to choose, immediate results and analytics, quick and direct response time from the Upcall cofounders. They must have finished our campaign in record time, which we appreciate bc as fellow founders know...every day in the startup world can count as a week. The experience also helped to jumpstart our outbound engagement overall, as we had to develop scripts for our targets and think through concise messaging. I believe our Upcall caller was named Patricia. If so, I highly recommend her if your campaigns are in the US. She even suggested edits to our script call-to-actions. ;)
EDIT: Our Upcaller was named Debra, not Patricia.
This looks super useful... Has anyone used this or any other similar tool?
@kwdinc On way to measure the outcome. It will be better if they charge per the outcome instead of per minute.
@kwdinc thanks Kevin for submitting us to PH! We currently have clients from all type of industries, from startups who see amazing results (find new customers and create awareness) to traditional companies such as real-estate, mystery shopping, insurance and even traditional businesses like locksmiths or lawyers... Upcall is a flexible solution for anyone who wants to outsource calls easily.
@bhuvanthaker we make it easy and simple for everyone to build a call campaign and we charge per minute as its easier to know beforehand how much it will cost for our clients. We are often asked if we can add a commission only model or pay per outcome but as our customer base is so diverse, it will make it difficult to calculate the cost in advance, and thus make it less transparent. Happy to answer any other questions you may have :)
This looks really amazing! Can't wait to give it a try!
@futhey Thanks James, would gladly accomodate your request, msg me if you have additional questions
Hi i like the products and the idea :)