Rate songs, discover music from fans like you (Spotify API)

Fans rate songs and get new recommendations every day from "fans like you." Music played through Spotify's API. Share songs directly with friends/followers and learn what they rate that song. Artists get effective song promotion targeted to relevant fans.
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I'm Ryan, one of the co-founders of Upbeat. Upbeat learns your taste in music and makes song recommendations in a new way--from "fans like you." We're building an awesome community of music fans. It's free. Check it out. Share the music you love with fans who will care. Discover new music you love.
@shaunrussell Smart minds think alike! There's another [inactive?] music app in the iOS store called "UpBeat." And we couldn't get the URL we wanted because a mail catalog furniture company in Missouri--of all places--beat us to it. Random.
Hey @ryan_o_leary1 just checking out Upbeat and I think I may have found a bug. When I try to sign up it asks me to rate 10 songs, but it only lets me see 9 songs, so I can't continue on to the app. Is there just something I'm missing?
@thatwhichendureth Hi James, thanks for letting me know! That's the first time we've heard that feedback. Team will troubleshoot this morning. Can you let me know your username here or via email (support@getonupbeat.com)?
@thatwhichendureth @getonupbeat @ryan_o_leary1 Can Confirm this issue, same select 10 but only 9 available
@thatwhichendureth @getonupbeat @patrickjmq Thanks James and Patrick. We've resolved this issue. Thanks for bringing it to our attention! You should be able to log back in, rate that 10th song, and get your personalized Upbeat recommendations for the day.
To me it's impossible to rate songs. It's wether yes or no
@ilya_tom I felt like this until I started working on Upbeat. When rating 1-5, 3 is good, it passes the quality test, but not special. Four is very good, and five is something I love, this song is ME. Two is something that I don't like, but one is something I hate. The higher granularity of ratings provides high quality data for recommendations. Actually, after I got used to rating songs on Upbeat, then I also started rating songs in my native player. Sound files actually provide the same 1-5 scale in the tag. As a big music lover this has helped me better organize my vast collection of music.
@boleroo Thanks! How are your recommendations are built? What's the difference between other products?
@ilya_tom I think that @ryan_o_leary1 can best weigh in on how the recommendations are built.
@ilya_tom @boleroo Upbeat learns each fan's taste in music and recommends music in a new way--from "fans like you." If you join Upbeat, you'll notice a match score next to each other fan--that score represents how similar that fan's taste in music is to yours. Every day, each fan on Upbeat gets new recommendations of songs loved by these "similar fans."