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Kam Bain ✍
Kam Bain ✍Hunter@kam_bain · Founder @Craaave, Growth @BeyondPricing
Awesome way to discover the best new music on Soundcloud.
Nathan Bashaw
Nathan Bashaw@nbashaw · Head of Product at Gimlet Media
This is sweet! I like that the first song is a remix by Vacationer. They're great.
Nick O'Neill
Nick O'Neill@allnick · Maker & Marketer
Check out hype machine. Same concept, more users
Kam Bain ✍
Kam Bain ✍Hunter@kam_bain · Founder @Craaave, Growth @BeyondPricing
@allnick Use hype machine all the time. Love it. But still different because it's a congregate from music blog rankings. Upbeat is pure unfiltered only from it's users votes.
Frank Denbow
Frank Denbow@frank_denbow · Founder of INK'A
Have thought about this idea before. I use HotNewHipHop's charts for this. For music I find I need some personalization since my taste always differs from the norm. Have some thoughts on how to fix this but saving that for another side project :-)