Programmable drone on wheels

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This soooooo reminds me of those BattleBots🤖. The only thing it's missing is a flamethrower and a buzz saw ⚔
@crunchex @kartik_twr this looks like a lot of fun to play with. What use cases (useful or just silly) are you imagining for this?
@rrhoover Out of the box, you can remote control UP1 for entertainment or telepresence as it's WiFi-enabled and can be accessed over the net. Autonomous use-cases could be feeding and playing with your pet every day if you weren't available. Or assisting a roomba to clear small objects off the floor. We spoke to one particular customer that wanted to use it to capture images of a stationary object from all angles.
Daeandre....some day pretty soon :)
Happy to answer any questions regarding the product
Also happy to answer any questions! (Software Lead)
@crunchex will it organize Lego bricks?
@ryanmac @crunchex Color/blob recognition is fairly easy and manipulation can be done with clumps of regular-sized legos. That would be a fun project for a user to start off with!