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Hey everyone, We’d like to introduce Up^oter - the quick and easy way to make group decisions with anyone about anything. This product was born out of a hack week known as 4 Days 2 Launch with Mint Digital (mintdigital.com), where this year we went away to Wales, to work on the brief “Make something you would use everyday”. We make quite a lot of group decisions everyday, both inside and outside of work, and we wanted a tool that was really simple and super flexible to use, something that we could genuinely use everyday. Whether it was deciding where to go for lunch, which ideas to take forward from a brainstorm, voting on a logo design or where to go for dinner. Within the second day of developing the product, we even used the prototype to make decisions on the product itself, such as picking a name, and which features to prioritise. We wanted to keep it as open as possible, so the lists could be easily shared and even users without accounts could vote or add items, we wanted this to be the sort of tool anybody could use and worked on making the UI really clear, simple and also fun. This product won the best app at this year's 4 Days 2 Launch, and we’re excited to share it now and develop it further. Cheers!
Can you add images to the options? For example, as you said @tomjrt, to upload logo options or web designs? Great idea - it's really going to simplify every group decision, nice work!
@rutgerteunissen That's a feature we discussed and would love to add, but we didn't have time to implement within the 4 days. But for now you could simply add a link to the image on dropbox/google drive etc. Thanks for the comment and glad you like it
How does it work on mobile?
@romanzadyrako It's responsive and works on mobile
Great product, I've been looking exactly for something like this for so long, I was tempted to make it myself :P A few observations though (although I'm sure its still early and you've got these things planned out). 1. I can't down vote. 2. I can't edit my list to change its settings. 3. I can't delete lists. Otherwise great work!
@syedaliahmed Thanks for the comment and glad you like it! We decided to leave it as upvoting only and give the creator of the list the option of choosing the amount of votes to give each person. We would definitely be looking at points 2 and 3 in the future.
Do you guys have an API or embedding code for 3rd party use? in other apps?