Up Or Nah

Check if a website is offline for everyone, or just you.

Upornah.com - Is a simple website that allows you to check if a website is offline for just you or for everyone worldwide.

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3 Reviews3.3/5

Its got simple & sleek design. It is also very fast from here in India. Will definitely recommend to anyone interested in checking if any site is down.


Very simple to use.

No ads.


Nothing that I can think off.

Awesome, glad you like it!
Didn't see the maker is also called Rhys, got so confused when I saw that in the gallery haha
@rhyswebber01 haha ;) Hope you like the site!
Great stuff!! Super handy ๐Ÿ˜Š
Hey Producthunt, there's nothing like building something fun and cool on the weekend to blow off some steam! This weekend I built upornah. Upornah is a simple way to instantly check if a website is offline. It's free, simple and does what it says on the tin. I'm happy to implement anything you think would be awesome. Happy hunting!
@rhysbeingsocial This is cool, thanks for hunting-- please tell me more about the side project time line... how long was it from when you had the idea and started coding to launching today? Love the hustle.
@abadesi hey! Thought of the idea while making breakfast on Saturday. Concept Design to finish line in 6 hours? :p