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Here's another unofficial Instagram uploader for Mac users. @chrismessina hunted a similar app a few weeks back. Looks useful but probably won't last long :(
@chrismessina @robjama why do people keep making these if they are gonna get taken down? Seems like a lame way to spend your programming time and money.
@chrismessina @robjama @bhalp1 may be because you can earn up to 1 000 $ a day? http://money.cnn.com/2015/03/31/...
@chrismessina @robjama Do the apps still work for the purchaser even if it gets shut down though?
@chrismessina @blainehatab Not sure. I did notice that the other one isn't one the App Store anymore.
You can even upload .PSD files?? What.
@chrismessina It doesn't matter what type of the file it is, as long as it's an image and supported natively by OS X.
There's a free Lite version with captions disabled on the site too. I wasn't willing to put my username and password in to try it, but at least you can give it a go, if you're feeling bold.
@chrismessina You can block any connection from the app but those to Instagram/Facebook servers if you feel unsafe. The Lite version was signed by my developer cert, same as the one on App Store.
I've already been burned by one of these before, you pay for it and 2 weeks later bam they go missing or stop working
@syedahmedz That's why it has a fair price tag on it. Developing this does not profit me compares to those commissions I could do with the same amount of time. Apple is the only one profits from this app-selling-game.
@x43x61x69 I do agree on that, will definitely have a closer look added to my collections on product hunt
Looks like this was blocked already.
@goeric Nope, it's not. It theoretically can't be blocked.
@x43x61x69 From an App Store review: "I liked the way it allowed me to post a photo un-cropped but I didn’t realize it would get the page I had just created on Instagram BLOCKED." So I guess even worse is that it's getting accounts that use it blocked?
@goeric I'd like to explain it in detail but would be too complicate for most people that has not dig into this measure. As I can't reply to the Mac App Store Review like Google Play, I could only leave it there, truth or not. It hurts the sales, but that's how Apple do things. That happens as a security measure, due to the way they handle the checking, sometimes they block you from posting on certain devices until you relogin on via a browser to insure it's you. What really triggers the alert is unclear, it happens when people use the official client on their phone too, just not as often as the image you upload from a phone are usually normal pictures taken by it which might be considered legit by their system. There's a picture I get from the Internet will almost 100% get my account blocked when I upload it during the testing, which is strange, but I think they did scan your photo like YouTube scan your video's soundtrack to make sure there's no copyright issues. But to unblock, all you need to do is login once via the browser on PC/Mac and you are good to go. I can't possibly know what did people do with my app, if he use it to spam, uploading tons of copyright images, he will get blocked or banned eventually, and that's not because of using this app. He will be banned using any client to do such things, just my app let you did anything you want easier doesn't necessarily make it the target to blame. I was thinking about adding the geo location feature to the photo map, but guess it's not a good idea as it seems now.
@x43x61x69 I have used it few time and no blocks yet :)