UO Smart Beam Projector

2.2" cube projector with a big picture

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Wouldn't mind carrying this around with me! So small, and 720p coming out is not too shabby.
@kristofertm It's definitely really small; it's the world's smallest HD laser projector!
@jameschung_ Looks great. The link to your FAQ page is broken so I will ask here: is the laser diode replaceable?
@avirambm Hmm, I wonder what happened to that danged FAQ page. Anyways, the laser diode is not replaceable, but will last about 10,000 hours (or a movie every day for well over a decade!)
Looks neat, and I really like the design (I could definitely imagine this as something frequent on my desk). However, I don't see it replacing the Celluon PicoPro, my current pico projector of choice. The fact that I can't carry this around in my pocket (unlike the PicoPro) is a major con. Also, the PicoPro is smaller (everyone tries to tout that "world's smallest" tagline), not to mention cheaper, 3+-hour battery, and compatible with wireless streaming. I'm sure this device will sell (the aesthetics of the cube shape is really quite nice), however, it's not the best pico projector​ available.
@jeremymaluf Hey Jeremy! This is definitely comparable to Celluon's device, as we are among the only HD laser picos that are currently on the market that does both HDMI and wireless. Our product is distinct in that we use a different laser technology and are able to achieve twice the lumens output with a safer, Class 1 Laser. Thanks for the feedback!
@jameschung_ Interesting. Yeah, the main drawback to any pico projector is its brightness, so that 2X improvement might make it worth it. I tried to look around on your site for some demos, but all your images/videos are mockups (so it's hard to see how bright it actually is). Anyways, thanks for the response!
Hey, it's James Chung from UOBeam.com. I'll be poking around here today to answer any questions and listen to any feedback!
@jameschung_ is there a ship date post anywhere? I saw the words preorder on the YouTube video but was unclear after searching through the website/FAQ. Would love to get my hands on one of these in the near future
@stephensilber We just launched a short time ago and are currently shipping! I think the pre-order thing on the video hasn't been updated yet. I'll go ahead take a look into that. Thanks for the heads up!
@jameschung_ what's the throw length?
@chrismessina Hey Chris! The UO Smart Beam Laser has a throw ratio of 1.4 and is designed to maintain optimum sharpness between 2-6 feet (with a screen size of 100 inches at 6 feet). No one will stop you if you decide to take a few steps back and get a bigger screen though!
@jameschung_ Hi James. If you're already shipping I suggest you make a new video introducind the real product in real environment instead of renders. It would look much more trustworthy.
Very nice design. You have a great video, I really like it. But with kids? Is it really safe for use by/with children ? I mean, it sounds quite strange to me that anything based on laser is used by children...
@liborvasicek Great question! The UO Smart Beam Laser is definitely not a toy for young children and, as with any bright light source, should be used with some precaution. With that said, our projector is powered by a Class 1 laser, which means it is the safest classification of laser and is safe for use in all conditions under normal use.