More you talk, more you unveil

Unveil is a dating app where profile pictures are initially blurred and gradually reveals as the conversation continues. To make things more interesting, our users are only allowed to communicate with one another through voice messages. This creates an environment where people can be authentic and make genuine connections.

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Thanks @chrismessina for hunting us! Hi Product Hunters, We set out to create Unveil with the focus on creating an environment where people can be authentic and make genuine connections. How it works is that profile pictures are initially blurred and gradually reveals as the conversation continues. To make things more fun, users are only allowed to communicate through voice message. Many of today’s dating apps focus on an individual’s appearance, making it difficult to see beyond their looks. We want to put a different lens on how people view one another, while making the experience engaging and exciting. Don't hesistate to ask us any questions!
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This is a pretty cool way to have better quality conversations with new people. 👍
@mkirlew Thanks for the support! 👍
this is a cool idea, but im also pretty impressed by how good the human brain can "fill in" the blurriness by itself. it would surprise me if i'm surprised by any of your examples going clear. how do you tackle this?
Hi @gopietz, thank for the kind words! To answer your question, there is no denying that people may get “surprised” after the conversation goes on long enough and the pictures are unveiled. However, if you think about it, it can also end up being a pleasant surprise :). Our goal is to allow people to get to know one another in a genuine environment. If things don’t click between them, at least they have made a friend during the process.
Hey all, Have somehow managed to spend the last hour or so playing around with Unveil. I love the concept of getting to have a conversation with someone as opposed to blindly swiping based on photos. But I did have a number of questions about the user experience pop up: 1. What was the thought process behind developing unveil? I'd love to understand why the decisions behind the number of interactions to reveal someone's photo etc were made. What is the average number of interactions an active user is having with the app and how long do they stay engaged at the moment, how long do people seem willing to wait to see what someone looks like? Why the choice between back and forth interaction as opposed to revealing what someone looks like, or at least some things about them while you listen to them speak? 2. How do users react to the use of colour/the interface and just swiping through blurry photos - at the very beginning I felt a little bit hesitant, because everything was so dark and my mind jumped to shows I used to scare myself watching on the history channel. Apologies if this is just a me thing. 3. The demo voice message doesn't seem to follow the format suggested in the prompt which may be confusing, is it to suggest that both formats work? How do you monitor the quality of the initial voice based profile, as listening to a voice clip is larger time investment than swiping on a photo, it feels like users may be more easily frustrated by dud accounts particularly before the user base is of a substantial size. Why 2 minutes for a first message? 4. What is the plan for helping these interactions come offline, is it to be left to voice interaction to exchange numbers/suggest a location or will there be some sort of chat interface or button to suggest a meeting location etc? 5. Also once, you've listened to a person's profile once, would it be useful to skip to a bit that you didn't hear or you want to rehear as opposed to having to listen to the whole thing again?
Thanks for the awesome questions @dishap281! 1. It's hard to ignore a person's physical appearance, both in photos and in reality. However we believe other apps over-emphasize and allow users to game the system. Unveil is about creating a community where people can have authentic and genuine conversations. That is why user profiles in Unveil are initially blurred to allow people to focus on what others have to say about themselves and not their look. Once the conversation gets going, profiles are progressively unveiled as a way to keep conversations engaging and interesting. As for the question around the avg. number of interactions - In a way, it’s our secret sauce, and we hope for you to find out from trying out our app :). 2. We haven’t got any feedback around the colour yet, but the choice of dark theme was to create a sense of privacy and intimacy that is core to our experience. 3. We provide some sample voice intros to help new users get a sense of what others talk about. The template also allows new users to not have to overthink the process (since they can always update their voice intro later and we want to get them trying out the app asap) And to your point about format, there isn’t really an exact format to be followed, we believe that everyone has their own set of experiences to share which is why voice intros are open-ended, and highly encouraged. 4. We hope that if people feel comfortable talking with each other, they will share more information about themselves and suggestions for meeting offline through voice messages. 5. Based on our observation, most people listen to voice intro once. But I can see that being useful for long intros :)
@matthew_yoon Thanks for taking the time to reply! Just one more thing how are you planning on dealing with different languages and locations? Will there be a location filter and perhaps a languages spoken list next to the name/age?
@dishap281 Currently we're focusing on english-speaking regions, but we're planning to expand to other languages with language filter sometime soon ;)
Equivalent dating apps received a lot of criticism about judging a person by the way he/she looks, so this is great idea! Good job! As for improvement pointers, I agree with @dishap281, there should be a chat interface and maybe voice button as an option (like in whatsapp). Bottom line, to make it user-friendly it should be super simple to use.
@jamwilly420 Thanks so much! We'll definitely consider new features as we evolve the app! We want to give our users a unique experience and voice messaging seems to be clicking with our users at the moment :)