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Easily find and remove unused CSS rules

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#1 Product of the DayJuly 08, 2018

Unused CSS is an online tool to remove unused CSS rules. It will check your pages, find unused CSS and let you download a clean CSS file.


  • Louis GalipeauProduct Manager / DJ

    Simple to use website. Good if you're not a developer.


    Too expensive. Does not work with React.

    If you're a developer or know a developer there are better options such as: https://www.purgecss.com

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MickPro@mickc79 · Founder of SongBox.Rocks
Like this. How does it work if your CSS file is dynamically generated from an SCSS file?
Adam Greenough@adam_greenough · Track & visualise your mental wellbeing
Cool idea but way too expensive.
Paul Mosedale@paul_mosedale
Looks good, but pricing is crazy - way too expensive.
Saif Al Falah@saifalfalah · JavaScript Developer
63$ for the premium plan? That's a very odd (read unusual) price point. So why should I use this instead of using an npm module and running it through a task runner?
Zachary Reese@zreeseplus · Senior Designer, UPenn
This is absurd as a subscription-based product. There are dozens of CLI tools that do exactly this for free, such as https://github.com/FullHuman/pur... And because they're CLI based you can include it in your task runner so that it only runs when new iterations of a project are built. Compiled CSS shouldn't change outside of new builds, certainly not enough to warrant paying for "daily scheduled optimizations."