Unubo (LEGACY)

Track what you spend on subscriptions

NOTE: This is a legacy version and is no longer in use. Unubo has since grown into something else. See that here.

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======================================================================= NOTE: This is a legacy version and is no longer in use. Unubo has since grown into something else. See that here: https://www.producthunt.com/upco... ======================================================================= Hi Product Hunters, we’re excited to have this featured here today, and many thanks to @bramk for the Hunt! Here’s the problem I encountered and the solution we developed for it. 🤔 Problem At a startup I worked for, every meeting with the CFO started with him asking what the collective cost was, of the 50 or so SaaS apps the company had subscribed to. I had created a spreadsheet to manage this, but it was inaccurate every meeting, as the number of users for each of the apps kept changing as the company grew. Keeping it up to date was a pain. After looking for a solution and not finding anything suitable, I knew I had to go about making it myself. Correction, find someone to actually make it - you see, I don’t code! 💡 Solution I just wanted to track cost of apps per month, per quarter and per year, as this always was CFO’s first question. Different billing cycles had to all be combined into one view and varying currencies too - that was the MVP. After parting ways with the company, and taking the idea with me we soon started adding stuff, like being able to invite users to multiple apps and reports that show if you’re staying in budget - all displayed as simply as possible. 😸 We’re happy to give Hunters 25% off our Professional and Business plans for 3 months. Just use “PRODUCT_HUNT_17” as the discount code. If you don’t see an app integrated that you currently use, don’t worry - we’re adding apps on a daily basis. 📝 I’m really looking forward to your feedback and suggestions! ❤️ I want to give a big shoutout to my co-founder, CTO and brother Marcel, who is a friggin’ wizard - that is all!
I've been following your story on IndieHackers. Congrats on the launch!! Can't wait to try it out!
@rajagopalilango Thank you Ilango!
Even though I am still in the early days of my project, I am already losing track of all the Trials and Signups I have. Great app. I need this!
@gaetano_caruana That's great Gaetano! Feel free to sign up, use the discount code below and let us know what you think.
Seems to be useful app! Congrats on the launch!
@grybniaksergii Thank you Sergey, any questions just let me know.
Great work ! Will you notify your users any time you add a new service ?
@fczls Thanks Fabien, yes we'll notify everybody by email.