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#3 Product of the DayApril 04, 2019
Use the language you know and love to deploy static sites and dynamic web applications with ease.
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Around the world, the number of people that code is increasing. In 2018 alone, 23 million people worldwide were developers, according to a study by Evans Data Corporation. Part of this can be evidenced right here on Product Hunt, with new stuff being launched all the time. Considering this explosion of people making awesome things, deploying something on a server is still an incomplete experience: AWS is a headache. DigitalOcean is great, but you’re on your own in managing it. Heroku gets expensive, fast. Now (Zeit) is serverless only. Netlify only supports static sites. There are more solutions on the market of course, but they all leave us wanting more. We thought to ourselves: “Why isn’t there a reasonably priced cloud platform, that is super simple yet powerful, without being crazy expensive? Oh, and we want it to support static sites as well as dynamic web apps. Can’t forget about deploying straight from GitHub, plus the ability to use your favourite coding language thrown in for good measure. As we’re really inspired by things that are well designed, it needs to look and feel good too - UX needs to be the focus, not an afterthought. Why doesn’t this exist?” With this being quite an extensive wish list, we decided to turn wishful thinking into reality, and build it ourselves. Unubo Cloud exists to simplify the process of deploying web applications. We want you to focus on making, whilst we take care of everything else. It’s free to get started. Oh, and don’t worry - we won’t put your app to sleep 😉
@leandro8209 Congrats on the launch Leandro!
@dinkydani21 Thanks for your support, Danielle!

Getting started in Web is easy but deploying is hard. Netlify makes it easy but it only has static sites plus some serverless features. For full-blown web apps, you need to use Heroku for ease but is costly. Unubo is a middle-ground between these two. It is cheap like Netlify but has full-features like Heroku. Congrats on launch Leandro 🙌


Makes deployment easy with a Heroku-like interface but less costly


None so far

@deadcoder0904 hey. If you used this platform earlier, then can you please help me using custom domain on union while deploying a ghost blog?
Congrats on the launch Leandro 🚀️ Quick question, do you plan to support Laravel/PHP?
@mubaris Thanks, Mubaris! Yes, if enough people ask for it, we can implement it.
@mubaris @leandro8209 I'd also like to see PHP featured! But it's a great product you have launched :D
For about an hour today all of my deployments were down with an error from Nginx. Customer support couldn't help. I don't know if other people encountered this, but it doesn't say anything good about relability. Unubo provides no way to manage SSL certificates and visiting deployments gives you a big red insecure site warning. Speed-wise, doing some benchmarking with the same static app on Unubo vs Now.sh, Unubo is 62% slower on average. For Node.js deployments, Unubo doesn't support using Yarn for package installation and commands, meaning you can't make use of yarn lockfiles among other things. Finally, there is hardly any documentation and no community - the only way to get help is with their customer support over Intercom. Although the interface is beautiful and the deployment process is super smooth, Unubo doesn't seem viable as more than an alternative to Heroku for tiny hobby projects.
@felix_mattick Hey Felix, thanks for taking the time check us out. We apologise for the issue regarding our SSL cert. It's something we've since resolved, and I'll also get back to you in Intercom - it's been a busy launch day so far. This is our starting point - we're working on improving speed, adding Yarn, and last but not least, documentation. Watch this space for more updates!
Great, Gonna try it out for my Rails APIs. Like you already mentioned, heroku can get costly, real fast. Small thought: The cookie popup in the middle is a bit annoying - may be on the left would be nicer. Or maybe it is just me. Link on the signup button in pricing page is wrong.
@iamsooraj Thanks, Sooraj! Fixed the link, and will look into the cookie popup.
@iamsooraj Moved it to the bottom-left. Thanks for your input!