Untools is a curated collection of tools to help you solve problems, make decisions and understand systems. Discover new thinking tools and how to use them.
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Hi everyone! I'm happy to launch Untools and help you think better 🧠 As a designer, I'm paid for good thinking. I solve problems and make decisions on a day-to-day basis. When I began to look into purposefully improving my thinking, I couldn't find one place that would offer a good overview of thinking tools. Eventually, I found plenty of them but scattered around the web. My goal with Untools is to build a hand-picked collection of thinking tools and frameworks, covering areas like problem-solving, systems thinking or decision making. I started building it for myself, but I hope it'll be useful to many of you. πŸ™ Follow me on Twitter for future updates as I plan on adding new tools over time.
This is great to have! Bookmarked so I dont loose it.
@ahmed_sanogo Good call ;) Thank you.
@amrancz I'm clicking on the link and it doesn't seem to be loading? what's happening?
@mnmk I double checked and the website should be up. Feel free to DM on Twitter (@amrancz) if this persists for you.
This is great. Thanks for this creation. You are really helping people.
@wilsonbright I'm so happy you find it useful, thank you πŸ™
It's so amazing! Good luck!
handy little tools :)
Great resource. Thanks for putting this together!