Fastest way to browse the web on your iPhone (w/o CSS)



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maksymilian ekes@maksymiliane · CEO & FOUNDER
Shit happens when it comes to polish language.
Luke AskewMaker@lukeaskew · Senior Software Engineer, Dynamit
@maksymiliane That's a bummer. Anything specific? Language support is something we're eyeing for future versions.
maksymilian ekes@maksymiliane · CEO & FOUNDER
@lukeaskew check Twitter
Adam PutinskiMaker@adamputinski · Lead Engineer, Salesforce UX
@maksymiliane Found the issue — will be fixed in the next update
maksymilian ekes@maksymiliane · CEO & FOUNDER
@adamputinski 👌🏻
Tom Webb@techtom10
I presume this also saves data?
Adam PutinskiMaker@adamputinski · Lead Engineer, Salesforce UX
@techtom10 It should significantly lower data usage. When stripped down, most web pages are only a few kilobytes.
Vanessa Colina@vcolinau · UX Designer and Illustrator
I love this Adam! This is how mobile browsing should work. It is scary for web designers, a lot of pages don't make sense when stripped of styles. But it should make sense so this could bring some light into it. I'll definitely try the app for the next couple of days.
Nicholas Spinazze@spinoodle · CEO, Lynxus
This is great! I'd love a push notification to use this when I'm in a low data area? Possible future feature?