Unstoppable Domains

Domain names on blockchains, get your .Zil domain name free

We believe that everyone in the world should be able to publish on the internet & conduct business without fear of censorship.
Build uncensorable websites and simplify your crypto payments.
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9 Reviews4.4/5
Good idea. Terrible execution. Lost 30 minutes trying to get a domain(should be able to automatically tell you whether a domain is available or not without having to keep pressing "Enter"). Worse: after finding a domain and tweeting (repeatedly) the system does not detect the tweet and hence no domain registered. Bottom-line: probably a bait and switch where the user tweets for free and gets nothing in return. Not cool.
@john_vonroth John - we will take care of this for you! Can you please email us at support@unstoppabledomains.com? We will finalize the process and make sure you receive your domain.
@matias_dorta I also had a small issue. Sent you an email to the email listed above. Thanks!
@matias_dorta I tried to get my last name chip.zil and it seems it’s not available. Can you please confirm?
@stephenchip Stephen - happy to help! However, I can't seem to find your email. Can you resend? Thanks!
Yea mine won’t verify my tweet. Buggy.
Censorship free domain names built via the blockchain.
@andreasklinger Does ProductHunt build any distributed systems stuff internally?
@datarade w/ dist systems you mean decentralized applications ?
@andreasklinger yes* I see there's a "Hiring" highlight next to your name, that's cool, such a good feature. Also, PH should lock down the .zil domain.
@datarade afair we have no dapps or any other decentralized setup - by infrastructure it's a fairly simple app (rails + aws (fargate, amazon rds, etc)) - but best to ask @rstankov

Been into crypto niche for a while and sharing public keys with clients is such a pain in the ass. Unstoppable Domains sounds like a perfect solution for this problem.


Unstoppable Domains is the perfect solution to map your crypto address with name and I'm already loving it.


Nothing so far..