Get rid of the Facebook stickers in comments

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i hope @rrhoover doesnt use this =/
@liveink We will be very sad :)
That was fast.
that's what I was thinking. easy though. @andreasklinger
a dumb idea with a narrow window of relevance can give you a lot of motivation
Yesterday, my Facebook friends stopped using words. Because: stickers.
That was fast... will stickers be the beginning of the MySpaciation of FB? Next: auto-play music with animated background profile pages
@PieterPaul Facebook has been drifting towards being a new myspace for a while now. (Judging by how less and less people actually actively use it.)
@PieterPaul auto-play music to go with their auto-play videos. It's the worst.
Creator here: I actually really like messenger stickers, but got tired seeing page after page of stickers as comments. So, in the spirit of every browser addon that undoes a Facebook update, please enjoy unsticker.me