Unstainable White Shirt

Cloth made w/nanotechnology to repel water+oil based stains

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I pretty much avoid wearing white shirts (& pants) because I tend to ruin them so very quickly. Love this idea, wish all my clothes could be stain repellant.
Got one for my wife, but I could really use one for myself. +1 on the male version.
Wish there was an option for men! Also, that demo reminds of NeverWet by Rustoleum:
@dtome Hi Darren! NeverWet has not been able to develop a formula for textiles. We originally were going to partner with them, but their spray just made the fabrics feel like sandpaper. So, we worked on our formula with a top chemist for a year to make it Unstainable while keeping the fabrics incredibly soft and comfortable wear after wear. Also, it is very important to apply the finish at the mill while the fabric is raw -- if you apply it afterwards with a spray, the garment will end up with an almost plastic-like feel. Thanks for your interest!
@ece have you seen these: http://shop.bluffworks.com. Have two of the and they work great.