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Grow faster with our free, lightning fast no-code platform for building beautiful marketing websites and landing pages that ship with integrated A/B testing, forms & contacts, full-funnel metrics, and one-click integrations.
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Built a near 7 figure ARR B2C business on this platform. No issues. Lightning fast. The key to this platform for me vs others is the easy builder and dedicated support. They have a slack channel for feature requests, support and feedback. Also, our website is constantly being updated and cloning content, pages and pushing live is a snap. Don't even think - go try this and build a page.
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@paul_masters Love how fast you built RDY and appreciate all those feature requests! Have about 10 going out from the community later this week! One that I'm really excited about is the ability to save pages and sections for re-use. I think that's going to help you move even faster!
I've been a user of Unstack for about 6 months and am beyond impressed with the service that they have built. I needed to quickly spin up a website with a full marketing stack. I looked at all of my options and landed on Unstack due to it's all-in-one no code service and simplicity in use. The fact they are giving the base functionality for free really is a paradigm shift for business owners to have a full stack marketing site out of the box!
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@jedbreed Thanks Jed! Well said! This is a never ending effort to continue making it easy for the world to build their ideas! Love seeing your company grow alongside us!
Grow faster with our free, lightning fast no-code platform for building beautiful marketing websites and landing pages that ship with integrated A/B testing, forms & contacts, full-funnel metrics, and one-click integrations. Hi fellow hunters and makers! πŸ‘‹ Having built hundreds of websites I was always frustrated that there was no simple way to manage content, contacts, and closed-loop marketing analytics together in a single place at an accessible price. Instead of assembling another marketing stack, we started building Unstack to: ➑ Rapidly create SEO'd websites, landing pages, and blogs w/o code ➑ A/B test our work in real-time ➑ Roll native Forms and contacts to capture leads and route them where we wanted ➑ One-click connect to 3rd party APIs we used ➑ Collaborate with our team to move as fast as possible ➑ Build fast without code or a design degree UNSTACK'S BASE FEATURES ARE FREE FOREVER Create a website with a custom domain and have our full featured website editor and basic analytics free for life. As you scale you can add on Unstack's growth tools for A/B testing, integrations, and team collaboration. πŸ”₯ Blazing fast πŸ“ˆ Data-driven πŸ”Œ Connected πŸ’‘ Dynamic πŸ™ƒ Different Check it out here: https://www.unstack.com/start We hope you love Unstack and use it to do something great.
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@grdeken Will your upcoming payments and memberships include Authorize.net or only Stripe? Will memberships be integrated with 3rd party apps or part of Unstack?
@grdeken I am trying to figure it all out I am new to this but it looks amazing
@stepheninmiami Hey Stephen πŸ‘‹ sorry I missed your reply! Payments will only support Stripe initially. We've had requests for Authorize. We expect to follow on with Authorize and others, but won't have it initially. The memberships will be native functionality and all handled by Unstack. However, you can pass any data you want to other apps (mailchimp, zapier, klaviyo, etc.). Does that answer your question?
@davia_gorman We've tried to make it super simple! Grab a free account to try it out yourself. We also have a slack community that you can lean on for support!
Unstack is one of the most interesting app I used recently. I've been designing website for last 8 years, but this one is exceptional. I dont need to understand any line of code to build a website that perfectly match to my design in Sketch. Styleguide and brand management is my favourite in this app. Kudos to Unstack team! @grdeken πŸ”₯
@ibnu Thank you sir! πŸ™ We are lucky to have talented designers like you and your team using the platform and giving us feedback to make it better!
I've been a paid customer for well over a year. Unstack has saved me (and our engineering team) a ridiculous amount of time. I'm able to iterate on our website and test marketing initiatives with ease. Strongly recommend, especially for early-stage startups that need to learn fast.
@lukethomas14 Thank you Luke. Having your feedback has no doubt helped to improve the product! Always been impressed with how much content you put out on Friday!
@lukethomas14 as our second-ever customer, you have definitely helped us get Unstack to where it is today, both indirectly as a tech-savvy customer providing valuable feedback, and directly as a service provider (we're very happy users of www.friday.app, and have made it a key part of our agile process). So double-thanks!