Unsplash Sketch Plugin

Easily incorporate Unsplash photos in your Sketch projects

Unsplash Sketch Plugin is a Sketch plugin to easily incorporate Unsplash photos in your projects.

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Yay! This is a super handy plugin:
Hey @chrisunderdown , the pictures are taken from unsplash.com and they are all very high resolution (and very high quality). For optimization sake, the plugin retrieve a picture that is exactly the size of your shape layer. If you enlarge that shape layer later it would be better to run the plugin again.
This is fantastic, the Unsplash photography is beautiful. Installed. I also recommend Content Generator plugin, great for generating profile pictures, fill in text, etc (https://github.com/timuric/Conte...), and Sketchsquares, which fills layers with images from Instagram (https://github.com/abynim/Sketch...). Edit: you guys should install the Sketch Toolbox if you haven't already. Search, install and manage Sketch plugins: http://sketchtoolbox.com
Hey, thank you @chrismessina for hunting the plugin :) This was actually a very quick way to scratch a personal itch, as they say, but I'm really, really glad it turned out to be useful for the community ! Thank you guys Quick question, does anyone use the + Options version?
@manuelecapacci I have done recently for a background image on iOS app. Works great!
@themmed Thank you for the feedback Mark, I was wondering if it something that is worth keeping for the next iterations
@manuelecapacci Hmm. On the fence with that one. I have used it, but very rarely, but it is handy. Grrr. Not sure :)
@manuelecapacci What would be a cool feature, is an option to search for more specific images via tags? Like on the Unsplash page itself?
@themmed working exactly on that, using desired tags as layer name ;) ( thanks to @stan )
Amazing! Only thing is, I wish the images were higher res, these seem quite pixelated.