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I can see using this for my gift store cards and gift credit cards. First, I lost track of how many cards like that I have and second I never know the remaining balance.
@ubik911 That would absolutely work. I know there are purpose-built gift card trackers out there, but Unspent could certainly be used as a quick, low-overhead way to keep track of a few of those balances. Good suggestion!
Hello Product Hunt community! I am the creator of Unspent, and I would be thrilled to answer any questions or hear what you think of the app. A long-time web developer, this is my first native app to build. I created it to solve a real problem my family was having keeping up with gift money we or our kids received over time. Now instead of losing it in a coat pocket (true story) or spending it on groceries accidentally, Unspent helps us know exactly what's left! Hope you give it a look and let me know what you think!