To semanticate(simplify reading) or not,that is the question

Every worthy literature that you read online expects you have to have a decent vocabulary. Unshakespeare makes this learning feel more intuitive and seamless. With inline meanings of words and idioms, it makes reading simpler and satisfying. As a secondary feature, it cleans up all the noise surrounding the content, making it distraction-free.

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This could be very useful for non-native english speakers and children. Nice work, @piyush_santwani.
@rrhoover Woah! I must've walked under a lucky star today. Thank you, Ryan. It would make my day if you can give Unshakespeare a shout-out on twitter :)
The title of this app and description caught my eyes and I laughed. Very creative guys:))
@ivashchenkovv Hahaha. Thank you. I hope you like the product too :)
Nice concept. However, I couldn't get it working on the websites i tried. (https://www.wsj.com/ for example).
@am1tabh The utility is meant for blogs, articles, ebooks, news, etc. and not for all webpages (The homepage of wsj.com won't work). Also, the content of the page should be publicly available without any authentication required. For example, try http://www.bbc.com/news/world-la... . I'll keep updating the app in the future. Cheers :)

Really funny to watch him put on the shades. The chrome extension is incredibly useful too


Works well, very easy to use


Could shuffle the order of words in a sentence to make it more readable as well.