Remove video and GIF backgrounds 100% automatically

#1 Product of the MonthMarch 2020
Goodbye Greenscreen: Producing background-free video used to require fiddly techniques like chroma keying and greenscreens. With Unscreen you can record your footage anywhere, then simply get rid of the background.
Create amazing GIFs: Pick, edit & share.
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We've seen this with remove.bg for still images. Impressive to see this used on GIFs/videos. 👏🏼
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Hi Producthunt & thanks for hunting us @__tosh We're excited to launch Unscreen today, a tool to remove the background of any GIF or video in seconds. Built on top of the tech of remove.bg, we've focused a lot on temporal consistency and smoothing for a good quality result, and heavily optimized for speed. Unscreen removes the background of any video or GIF and you can easily add a new one as well. Great for GIFs! We're here to answer your questions :)
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@__tosh @begroe Tried but keeps saying internet connection error
Courious... very curious :)
Wow! It really does the trick! Not to be used in critical situations, but it could be a really good way to speed up the rotoscoping process! :O
@vaughtton Thanks, Alex! We'll keep an eye on those critical situations 👀
1click, wow - when will you launch your premium?
@markus_wagner There's no ETA yet, but we're on it! Fill in your email here to get notified: www.unscreen.com/pro
@begroe Need. This. Now. :)