Download zipped sample photos from Unsplash with one click!

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Hey, everybody! Recently, I needed some photos for example content and it was a pain... resizing in programs, using third party services for compression. I can now do that with one click, just how I wanted it to happen a week ago. I was inspired by Unsplash Bulk Downloader (Bulksplash) https://www.producthunt.com/post... It didn't work for me, though, I kept getting errors and damaged files. Multiple downloads had the same filenames, so images got overwritten... I decided to make an app that handles the requests and downloading, so you don't have to. Besides, it's easier to use, you don't have to install anything and it's more accessible since it's on the web. It also provides a credits.json file with links to the photographers' profiles and photos, so that credit can be given where credit is due! Hope you find it useful!
This tool has a lot of potential, good job! What I would like to see is a dynamic grid preview, of all of the fetched images, before I download them as an archive. This way I will be able to make a quick pre-selection of what I am downloading with a basic checkbox functionality. Also, I have a real struggle downloading sample images from Unsplash sometimes, because I need photos with a certain color palette. It would be awesome if you can add an option for sorting photos by color in future. ✌️
@yordanoff Noted! Thanks a lot for the feedback!
Brilliant! Simple, useful and conducive to all designers and developers. Great work.
@rossblankenship Thanks a lot! ✌️
This is very cool, @hristiyandodov. It doesn't seem to be downloading the images in original resolution though. Doesn't Unsplash offer that?
@arunsathiya Thanks a lot! You're right, Unsplash offers full HD quality and resolution. However, the point of Unsample is exactly that - to offer compressed images for sample usage in stuff like WordPress themes. Nobody in their right mind would put a dozen of 7MB photos in their carousel. Also, nobody would put a 4000x3000 image in there. Unsample is meant for that - to give you a bunch of reasonably sized, *free to use*, compressed images that you can just put in your thing and be done with it. Since it's for example purposes, the content would likely not matter that much. However, you can still filter by terms. For example, you can download "10 images of flowers up to 800 pixels in width with 60/100 quality" with a click of a button. Then put them in your super cool floral-inspired WordPress portfolio theme. I don't know. I would like to add some more features, though.
@hristiyandodov As much as that sounds valid, I would like an ability to download in full HD. There are people (people in design?), who might like to have this as a feature. I hope to see it soon!
@arunsathiya It's true. I hope to add it soon. However, the "Width" and "Height" parameters only set the *maximum* width and height. Leave them blank and you get full-res photos, actually. Perhaps I should mention that somewhere. Also, if you set the Width parameter to something like 10000, you'll get the largest landscape photos Unsplash can provide. If you set the Height to 10000, you get the largest portrait photos for that query. Set both and you get squarish images. That's kind of a gimmick, though. But it works. I just tested it and got a 8192x5462 photo of a deer.
@hristiyandodov Very cool! I set both height and width to blank, I have high-res photos now! Thanks! Yes, you should probably mention that somewhere. :D
@hristiyandodov Another question. Currently I can download only 30 at a time. When I sample again, will the same 30 are downloaded, or, is it a different set? It would be cool if Unsample can learn from our behaviors and download new content.
Wonderful tool. Save me a lot of time.