Unruly Bastards

The party game of competitive inappropriateness

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Unruly Bastards is a hilarious party game that lets you be as creatively inappropriate as you are willing to go! The game is very simple. In each round there is one judge, the judge reads a THEME and a MODIFIER card out loud, each of the players then has to act out the theme as dictated by the modifier, the winner becomes the new judge.

Levi Holiman
Linnea Saasen
Alex Holdridge
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    Heck yeah! It's hilarious and fun and let's you use your imagination.


    You have to want to have fun and you have to have friends to play it with.

    I've seen the craziest most fun game nights ever with people playing this game. People are going to love it!

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Abadesi@abadesi · Head of Maker Outreach at Product Hunt
Thanks for hunting, @linnea_saasen. I found Cards against Humanity pretty tame after all the hype... the spin they've taken here could give the format the spice it needs. 🔥
Linnea Saasen
Linnea SaasenMaker@linnea_saasen · Filmmaker and Party Game Designer
@abadesi Thank you! That was exactly what we were feeling after playing cah;) This game really lets you use your creative muscle in a silly yet hilarious way - no boundaries🔥 We've had some epic game nights with Unruly Bastards and super excited to get it out there!
Simon Evans
Simon Evans@simon_evans1
looks like a fantastic party game, cards against humanity just got old quickly, this looks a bit more morally questionable! haha
Linnea Saasen
Linnea SaasenMaker@linnea_saasen · Filmmaker and Party Game Designer
@simon_evans1 Thank you Simon! Game nights can get pretty wild ;)
Randi Barry
Randi Barry@randibarry · Co-Founder drophook App & Nautic Nomad
I own Joking Hazard, CAH, Table Topics and always have room for more well thought out card games that get the friends around the table instead of being on their phones. I am definitely checking out the kickstarter! Love that you guys are planning an expansion pack already.
Unruly Bastards
Unruly BastardsMaker@unrulybastards
@randibarry Thank you Randi!! Yes, there is nothing better than laughing together with your friends😃 There are many unruly expansion packs in the future;) Can't wait to hear what you think of the game after you have played it:)
Unruly Bastards
Unruly BastardsMaker@unrulybastards
The initial inspiration to make Unruly Bastards came from a spontaneous moment sitting around a table with friends that left us all wiping away tears of laughter. This developed into a hilarious game that we kept having a great time playing. We had longed for a party game that gave us the freedom to be creative and allow us to make up our own answers. Being restricted to a already written card can feel frustrating at times when you have a much better answer in your twisted mind;)