Oh, no, these annoying emails again?! Don't worry Unroll.me is your email unsubscribing hero! Once you get it, it will go through your email address and provide you with a list of all your subscriptions and let you unsubscribe from them forever and it will combine the ones you want to save in one email delivered to you every day, called the Rollup!

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Joshua Dance
Engineer, Product, athlete, indie hacker
Turns out Unroll.me is selling user data. They had it in their terms of service, but people are upset. https://news.ycombinator.com/ite...
Adam Lieb
Founder/CEO @ Gamesight
Well this is awesome! I've been looking for something like this for about 6 months. Awesome find thanks for sharing!
John PolacekLead Web Developer, GiveSmart
I've been using Unroll.me on all my gmail accounts for a couple years now and love it. A great tool for staying at or near Inbox Zero.
Derek Shanahan
VP Growth @ Exer
Okay, I hate to talk down on apps, but I always cringe at Unroll.me as it completely destroyed my gmail inbox. It quickly began hiding friends/family emails in my spam inbox, and once you "teach" gmail certain things it's almost impossible for gmail to "unlearn" them. There is NO reset button. I now have to use All Mail so I don't miss email. Just a heads up.
Perri Chase
Founder Archively / Co-Founder UnRollMe
@dshan I don 't know when you used the product but this is totally not the case.
James Seymour-Lock
Simple as Milk
@dshan The auto rollup feature caused several issues for users with various personal/important work emails so now the auto rollup feature is disabled by default. You won't experience this problem anymore! :)
Florin Muresan
Insanely Great. Marketing Software
this is one of the most valuable tools I've seen in a while. I had a Yahoo email which I mostly abandoned since it looked like it was doomed by Spam. It's so exciting to use this tool and get my old email back. Yay! The on-boarding process is one of the best I've seen, because it clearly enforces the value proposition through insane numbers. Seriously. It found 67 subscriptions.
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