Smart Gmail label for emails you're waiting a reply to

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Worked on this on a couple of evenings. Not the most polished product but time isn't really abundant at the moment :) Anyways, works well enough for what I had in mind. Happy to answer any questions here!
@stefanobernardi Since you're somewhat of a BD man at Betable, how long have you wanted this for yourself? Before you built this, what, if anything, did you use for this same tracking/functionality?
@ZackShapiro for a good while! Not only externally but also for internal emails. Before I just searched in my sent folder, horrible.
cool stuff Stefano. Are you making use of techniques similar to the google script here: http://jacksmith.quora.com/How-t... ?
@_jacksmith ha, I forgot about that. I don't use the same mechanism as I wanted to try out Gmail's new APIs, but that looks really easy :)
@stefanobernardi awesome. I'm sure that this is a way cleaner implementation then
Great idea, @stefanobernardi! How does it display who hasn't replied?
@riaface thanks! It creates an Unreplied label in Gmail and attaches it to every non-replied thread.
Great idea @stefanobernardi ! I will try in the next days!
Very cool idea! I have one beef though. Maybe I'm alone in this, but having to submit CC info for a trial is a non-starter for me.
@riaface @danerobert thanks! I would generally agree, but given this is a set-and-forget it product + a side project where I won't have too much marketing / re-engagement effort - I decided to go at it this way.