A video based platform for effective remote working

On UnRemot, you can create teams & collaborate with remote team members, on a video based interface seamlessly, instantly. Video-chat with any of them on single clicks - no calendar invites, no meeting URLs. More details on our launch blog.
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Dear Hunters, thanks for checking out UnRemot! We are based in Bangalore, India and are generally foolish dreamers. UnRemot emerged from one those dreams. We spoke to a lot of users before starting to build it. But, even before doing so, we faced the real need of something like UnRemot in our lives. Because, at some point as entrepreneurs and founders, we fell in love with remote working. Ours is a humble initiative to facilitate effective remote working, leveraging technology. For Product Hunt, we've two feelings. One, a sort of fraternity connection. Two, is of extreme gratitude for being a place where you get constructive feedback. So, in case you end up loving UnRemot, please have it free by signing up from here: https://unremot.com/register. We will be tracking the users from PH for 15 days and you get the lifetime access to UnRemot for free! Cheers! Team UnRemot
@shiju_radhakrishnan Thanks for the product though .What i liked about unremot is its clean user interface. However have a query how many folks can join a single screen sharing session at once and how long they can attend. Also i as a team manager can block others from screen sharing or video sharing . Also kindly update your FAQ page as earliest as possible.
@almas_sayyed thanks much for these lines. We are humbled! Interface - will continue to keep it clean and intuitive. Number of users for screen sharing - the current limit of number of users in a group is 15. And, all of them can share their screens - no limitations there. Length/duration of the sessions/sharing - there is no limit to it. Longer you stay, bigger our love for you! Manager access to block others - we haven't enabled this yet, but can be done. We are anyways connected on email, will work on this and keep you posted, Almas. FAQs page - we thought we will go slow with such boring pages, but not any more. Will get it live soon. In the meantime, please drop a text and we are here to answer your queries. Thanks again for signing up & helping us improve your experience, Almas. Good day!
?makers Congrats on the hunt. Looks nice. Have tried many tools in the past. Would love to see how unremote is different.
@akhil_ks7 Thanks much, Akhil. Please do sign up and share your feedback on how we could improve. We look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
Congrats on the launch. May I ask how's this different from existing providers? What would the ideal user of UnRemot be like?
@felix_josemon thanks! For a start, the purpose of UnRemot is not to replace the existing video conferencing tools (Meet, Zoom). Instead, it focuses on a new market segment of remote working, where the users could experience the convenience of working out of home, but with nearly the same effectiveness of working out of offices. Video is one of the enablers, but the intent is NOT to build another video conferencing platform. We would love to see users on UnRemot spending their long full days logged-in, unlike the couple of hours they do on video conferencing tools. As a manager/lead - one could create & manage teams, get them to connect with each other on single clicks, without having to join meeting URLs. Such virtual office spaces are permanently created, meeting you join there everyday, while collaborating with the team (similar to a Slack channel).
Really good one Shiju
So is this Slack + Zoom? Or more like Skype Video?
@casinobonustip thanks! From a tech-feature standpoint, yes - UnRemot is almost a Slack + videos. However, from a use case standpoint, UnRemot is expected to serve a little different target users. It's meant for those who wants a place to make virtual office-like environment for their teams. One gets to connect with the rest of the team members on single clicks. One may stay logged in throughout the day, while also allowing others to view/interact with them anytime during the day. Please do sign up and let us know your valuable feedback on improvements we could add on. Thanks.