Experimental mixtapes of the most unreal music on the planet

Substance over style, always.

Experimental mixtapes of the most unreal and creative music on the planet. Curated by musicians to create a personal, immersive experience.

Connect to Spotify Premium or Apple Music, then sit back and turn up the volume.


Kash Knez
Kevin Healy
Stuart McClune
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    Awesome mixtapes / slick design


    Non that I can see. Love it

    Love putting on a playlist and letting it guide me through a journey while I work. Bravo team, love it!

    Kash Knez has used this product for one week.
I'm always eager to play with new music discovery sites/apps. Love the design of this one. Downloading now.
@rrhoover love this, and stoked to hear your feedback. We're trying a little something different and creating mixtapes that aren't all about a specific 'style' but more a beginning-to-end experience – taking the user on a journey. Something you really sink in to vs a quick listen – although that does work too :)
@jbriscoe wow, just started listening. Didn't expect to hear Gene Wilder. Nice to get out of my electronic/hip hop/pop bubble. 😊
@rrhoover case and point my friend 👌 – the unexpected surprises. That entire mixtape is awesome – brings me back to my childhood.
@rrhoover @jbriscoe looks amazing! This is going to get me through my 6 hour airport connection in Singapore today 🙏
@jonnym1ller love it brother - let me know how you get on. Any suggestions or ideas, we’re all ears!
This is absolutely unreal - love the mixes!
@fpocha Thanks so much Farhad – appreciate your kind words! We have plenty of mixtapes on deck so stay tuned for more good mixes coming this week!
Sick design!
@tcodinat Big thanks Toni!
I miss 22tracks, someone rebuild that one
@floozyspeak 22tracks was excellent – shame it's no longer.