Unplug for iOS

Feel good, relax, and sleep better with guided meditation

Unplug for iOS is the best way to feel good, relax, and sleep better through guided meditations from real human teachers.

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2 Reviews5.0/5

The timer feature is incredible and lets you meditate in silence of to cool music . I also love the play list and featured play list and the reminders and goal setting feature on the stats.


Great features:the meditations are modern, relevant&powerful. Best meditation teachers and topics. The Panic button is my favorite.


Too much choice.

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What is your favorite aspect of this app? And what makes it stand out from other similar apps?
@jacqvon As one of the creators I'm a little biased, but my favourite part in comparison to similar apps is that all the meditations in Unplug are videos with real human teachers. Also, setting a goal to meditate 7 days in a row and being reminded is super helpful!
Hey everyone! Thanks for all the upvotes! We've been working hard on this app for months, for @suze_yalof_schwartz and the fantastic team at Unplug Meditation. Happy to answer any questions you have!
@suze_yalof_schwartz @nerdburn So awesome to see this come to life!!