Automated invoice collections for small businesses 💰

Dear Small Business Owner:

Are you tired of clients not paying invoices? We are too. Join us & refuse to let another invoice go unpaid.

You have better things to do than chase down invoices. We’ll get your money for you.

We live by the Golden Rule.

Your brand is in good hands. We treat your customers like they’re our customers.

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Seems a good deal to me and worth a punt if clients are not paying (which all freelancers have had at some point in their career). Good to see you sticking up for them 👍
On the website you mention that you "reach out" in order to collect. That doesn't sound very convincing to be honest. What are other means of collection that you actually do in order for your clients to get paid?
@draganbabic We use a combination of physical letters, emails, and phone calls to convince your clients to pay their overdue invoices. This is called "3rd party involvement" in the collections industry, and while it may not seem convincing to you, the mere communication from a 3rd party like us is often enough to get delinquent clients to pay. If our communications don't get them to pay, you can always take them to court, but Unpayd is a risk-free intermediate step that can save you a ton of time and legal fees.
@kotluv Thanks for the clarification.
Wow!! #4 product Of the Day! Amazing... I knew was wort to share :) My question is more about your mission to reach 1M in dept collection. It will be nice to see numbers and what’s the current stage?! @kotluv I believe that if you share this info and make it public, you will build trust with future cliente straight away, and most important it will validate your methodology on collection
@super_atic we completely agree and aim to grow Unpayd transparently. If you go to our blog page (https://unpayd.com/blog), you can see a counter of how much money we’ve collected to date! We’ve of course got a long way to go to reach our goal of $1M, but we’re super encouraged by our early progress.
@kotluv it's great! and look nice.. well done and looking forward to see this number growing

Not sure why is operating only on English speaking countries


Quick, painless and effective


English speaking countries only

nice idea but 17.75% is crazy to be honest
@coconidodev I'm fairly certain that this is actually pretty cheap for a debt collection service. Many are between 20% and 50% of the collected funds! :)
@coconidodev @armsteadj1 James is more or less spot-on here — the typical collection agency charges at least 30% commission (or more depending on the details of the debt).
@coconidodev @armsteadj1 @kotluv From the little I know about typical collection agencies here in Singapore is that they actually do physical visits (within the means of the law) and that's the "scariest" part. Assuming the person objective is to play "punk" (i.e. have no intention to pay), wouldn't he just ignore all these "letters" (definitely emails) and phone calls? I think that's why local agencies charge a much higher price because they do face-to-face kind of meetings rather than just send a letter or make a phone call.
@coconidodev @armsteadj1 @swiftpolar wow that’s crazy, I’ve never heard of in-person collection visits (I don’t think that this is legal in the U.S.)! While some people do play “punk” as you described and ignore our communications, the majority engage with us and actually end up making payment. We chalk this up to some combination of the following factors: - Guilt that they haven’t paid what they owe - Desire to avoid being taken to court - Desire to stop getting our persistent calls, letters, and emails
@coconidodev @armsteadj1 @kotluv Those points that you mentioned are people that will eventually pay (which should be the majority). I suppose it's easier to do in-person here in Singapore due to the geographical size of the country (it's a tiny red dot). I'm not entirely sure what they do during these visits but no, they do not get physical or do anything violent. Probably the same as your phone calls and emails but just that someone is there to say "hi" I suppose. So what happens if the person still refuses to pay? Does Unpayd handle the legal processes or this is handed back over to the client to take it from there?