A crowdfunding platform to combat patent trolls

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Hi hunters! Patents were created to promote innovation, but as the whole industry agrees now, they're actually hurting innovators. Patent trolls are using them to sue the hell out of startups and innovators — more than $29bn/year are wasted on patent trolls, not to mention the $21bn on VC investment also wasted on them. We want to change this trend by empowering companies to invalidate patents that threaten them and the whole ecosystem. Everyone can create a campaign against a patent, and then interested companies can back it. With the raised amount, we reward people for contributing prior art — which is any evidence that a patent was not novel. Then we file a reexamination before the patent office. Patent office/lawyer fees + prior art rewards should be minimum $20k, which is extremely small for anything regarding IP litigation. The process takes ~6 months. We chose patent '435 because it affects the whole ecosystem - everyone customizes online content with some user's preferences. Let's kill this patent! 🔥
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@licuende Love the idea! Fuck patent trolls.
@mordodemaru thanks a lot!!
@licuende please add this to your page to fix the sticky scroll issue: -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch;
I think it's a great idea! Many patents stifle innovation and cause the technology world to become a game of lawyers instead of exciting technology. Crowdsourcing the effort of fighting patent trolls is a novel approach to this which I really like.
@kobigurk thanks Kobi! Let's make innovation a matter of exciting tech again 💪
So happy that in Europe you can't patent business logic etc.
@sielay absolutely! It's a great step forward
This idea is really great, with enough strength can be really good to help many good entrepreneurs to launch good new ideas. It could boost the real open innovation. Congratulations.
@germancastano thanks a lot Germán!
I was just watching a documentary about this the other day. Glad someone thought of this idea! Fully support this