The simple way to save and share links.

Just copy and paste the URL to save here. You can also share the collection and work collaboratively.
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Hello folks! 👋 I'm Minjae from Dsigner.io! We are developing a service where people can create and share collections of webpages. We were surprised by the fact that most of the highly ranked products at Product Hunt are just collections of 10-20 helpful webpages. We thought the process of collecting the webpage could be much simpler, just as you are saving it as a bookmark. So, we came up with this implementing this idea. I'm glad to hear you guys' thoughts!
The screenshots look great! However, I can't get past a page that just says "link is more colorful than you think" on Safari 13.0 😅
@alexanderspoor Same issue here, on chrome 75.0.3770.142
@alexanderspoor I get past that, it takes me to the web app but then it asks me to login again even though I just created the account. No matter how many times I tap continue with Google it takes me back to that same screen asking me to login.
When I saw this I thought I finally found a bookmarking service that I can use instead of chrome’s bookmarks (so that I will have access to them from any browser). With that in mind I was really sad to find out that the only way to sign up is through Google. I did sign up but I cannot use the app. It does not let me login, it just keeps asking me to login forever